Datamentors is launching a “Virtual Internship Program” (VIP) for students who are interested in developing various skills. We provide internships for aspiring students who want to become entrepreneurs, freelancers or employee in any company. Datamentors is currently accepting application for Virtual Internship Program (VIP), from students across India and abroad. Students who are currently doing their graduation and interested in upskill and reskill may approach us by filling up the application form. To know more about our virtual internship details go through the about VIP in the menu.

About our Parent Organizations

Our Experience

After working many years in IT and other Industry domains, we share our experience to help others. we enable students and empower companies to build a data-driven culture and get ready for industry 4.0. Our service includes a comprehensive consultation, we conduct onsite training programs to college students and companies. Our consultation service for SMEs help them in the data-driven decision and march towards digital transformation.

Why Us?

Business mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We want to give each of you the time and guidance they deserve.

Our Services

Data Analytics Services

We help in creating insights and develop dashboards of your business data. Data Driven decision will be key in industry 4.0

Robotic Process Automations

Automate your business process using technology called RPA and software robots.  Automation will be a mojor driver in industry 4.0

Digitization & Consulting

Our Vast experience in business domain and technology will take your business  on cloud. Low cost and function rich solutions  are key for 4.0

Marketing Automation

Taking your business online is the key in industry 4.0 

Featured Mentor Programs


An Exclusive skill development program for elementary school going students to be prepared for industry 4.0


Skill Up gradation program for college students for get ready to drive the next industrial revolution 


Reskilling and upskilling Program for working professionals  and get ready for industry 4.0 leader


An exclusive program for women empowerment . This will enable them from learn  and earn from home 

Upskill and Reskill with us


Data Science & Analytics, Machine Learning & AI, Mobile Apps  & Web Development, Cloud and Big Data Specialists


Digital Marketing, Content Development, Data Visualisations, Cloud ERP & CRM, Web Audit & Data Audit,  Digital Consulting, Data Capture

Soft Skills

Problem Solving Skills, Creative Skills, Critical thinking, Cognitive Flexibility, People Management, Adaptability, Collaboration.          

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