About Virtual Internship Program

21st century has just completed its teen!!!! The world is talking about the next big industrial revolution of this century that’s is IR4.0. Students have to upskill and be industry-ready so that they can become a next-gen resource.

The world is classified into two basically BC (Before Corona) & AC (After Corona), many industries have been effected, many business dimensions are changing !!!. The world is moving towards more into the virtual and digitized world. Every department in a company, whether it is Marketing, Sales, Finance, Logistics everything is going towards digital transformation.

Simultaneously the world economy is moving towards digital, data-driven and automated.

We focus on bridging the gap between academics and industry by developing a holistic and 360 degree of the student so that they are well aware of the skillsets and ready for taking up any challenges in organization. We believe in outcome Focused internship program where the student will be able to make his choice of career, we provide internships for aspiring students who wants to become entrepreneurs, freelancers or employee in ant company.

Types of Virtual Internship Programs

Entrepreneurial Virtual Internship Program

Datamentors is launching Entrepreneurial Virtual Internship Program for those who are excited to lead from the front and make an identity as an Entrepreneur. Our experience in mentoring leader are tested and proven. Right from how to think, to how to set your balance sheet on a profit mode is being guided in a baby step format. This is because we have learnt that there are no short cut for success but there are always a right way which we can help you to get in. We completely understand the market, marketers and the customer so that we can make it to hit on the right spot.

Join us and get an uninterrupted interaction with Industry experts, Business Leaders, Decision makers and never to miss, the customers, who decides it all. You can keep the very first step by registering with us and to get your business rolling.

Freelance Virtual Internship Program

Freelance opportunities are immense across the globe. It is only how you find it. To find it you need to know where it is. We at Freelance VIP enlighten you the power of freelance opportunities. All these depend up on your skill set that you have to keep the flow on. This program takes care of you by building the skills set and your mind set to achieve the desired objectives. You will be taken through various business domains, its operations and to people who holds the steering wheels of the business. With the 30 days program one will have the total caliber a freelancer is expected to posses.

Remember, it is virtual internship where you can meet the industry leader at your fingertip. At the same time your skills and learning will be watched up on by the corporate entities.

Employee Virtual Internship Program

Employment is a challenge that the world is facing. At the same time employability is yet another challenge the companies are facing since centuries. We can find a solution for the later. Getting the right resource is a task in every organization and that is the reasons there are millions of HR managers floating around. Every individual is a prospective employee and VIP mentors all our students as an employee. We understand what organizations are looking for and hence we mentor you to become a responsible and a valuable resources of all time. This 15 days program is for all who wish to learn and earn the respect in style.

Area of Internship




Human Resource (HR)



Information Technology (IT)

Benefits of our Virtual Internship

Career focused mentor-ship

Soft skill development

Online Job card

Online internship review for recruiters

Assistance in creating a professional linkedin profile

Assistance in CV preparation

Earn while you learn assistance